Reasons Why SEM Is Better Than SEO

SEO is justifiably famous for its ability to convince the search engines–the algorithms that index your website–that your webpage is the relevant one for the keywords being searched. For years, important SEO has been every marketer’s tactic. But even while you’ve grown, search engines have grown complex. These days, you can’t optimize and sit back.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)–places ads that appear above search results–. It is way more accountable because sites like Google offer in-depth data about the performance of your ad. If you aren’t using SEM, consider making it a part of future marketing campaigns.
An ad is finished only when you no longer can find a single element to remove.
- Robert Fleege
1. SEO is unpredictable.
SEO isn’t ideal for lead generation because its primary function is to increase your site’s ranking in “natural search”.That means it’s unreliable. You may work on SEO for months, and your site may still not get the “natural search” traffic you want.
Search engines like Google constantly keep changing their algorithms to ensure that search results aren’t being fixed or manipulated by marketers, making SEO a cat-and-mouse game. But SEM is within your control because you choose the keywords and pay for the ads.
2. Lead via SEO aren't clear-cut.
Quantifying SEO as a lead-generation tool is challenging because one can’t be sure how many leads came from your SEO efforts. Measuring the number of leads you get from SEM is much more straightforward.
For example, someone visits your website and signs up as a lead. How do you tell that person found you cold on a search engine or if he searched for your site after hearing about your company? These are some factors that led the person to visit your site.
3. With SEM, the best advertisement wins.
An SEM ad hinges on how well it’s written. Other factors include how good the offer or call-to-action is to the customer looking for that particular product or service.
You can tweak all of those things to fit the customer you want and then vary it depending on the leads you get. You get more control and way more options than you do with traditional SEO.

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